Thermography and breast diseaseThis post was written by Bethany Narey of the HE@T team. HE@T provides health enhancing thermography to detect and monitor disease and physical injuries that are shown through thermal abnormalities in the body.

Thermography and Breast Disease

When it comes to your health there shouldn’t be any surprises, and especially not the kind that can be avoided. A brand new state of the art technology called thermography now allows women to detect cancer far earlier than traditional testing. Breast thermography, also known as infrared imaging of the breast, is a pictorial representation of the infrared emissions of the breasts. A heat- sensing imaging device is used to detect subtle cell changes up to 10 years before other diagnostic tools. Thermography is also non-invasive, painless, and has NO radiation.

Today 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast disease however traditional practice is for a woman to have her first mammogram between the ages of 40-50. This leaves a dangerous void for young women.

Until now there have been no alternatives available for women too young to receive a mammogram or those who find them uncomfortable or do not care to expose themselves to radiation. Thermography provides a safe alternative and earlier detection for ALL women.

Breast thermography scans are able to detect the very first signs that cancer may be forming…. up to 10 years before other traditional procedures and long before a tumor is dense enough to be seen with mammography. Early detection can lead to earlier diagnosis and better treatment options. Annual thermograms are just like going to your primary care doctor or your OBGYN yearly, your annual thermograms allow you to monitor your breast health and changes that occur year by year.

Women today are more health conscious than ever. We know the benefits of detecting disease at an early stage. Thermography is one the latest tools available to enhance the well being of women in our community.

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