Things to know prior to your appointment


Your initial consultation will last 75-90 minutes. During this time we will cover:

  • Review of your Adult or Pediatric Intake form
  • A comprehensive medical intake and health history
  • Tongue and Pulse Physical Exam – a focused exam for Chinese Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
  • An individualized treatment plan for you to take home with you which may include Nutritional recommendations, Herbal therapies, Homeopathic prescription, Hydrotherapy routines, Lifestyle modifications and Mind-Body approaches to healing.


Follow-up consultations are 30-45 minutes long and may include:

  • Review of health history and progress
  • Acupuncture treatment
  • Updates to your treatment plan


  • Please arrive ten minutes early for your appointment so that we can begin on time and get you out on time.
  • If we are planning to do acupuncture, please wear loose fitting clothing and make sure you have eaten within the past two hours.
  • Please bring copies of any recent lab work or imaging reports to consultations for review.
  • We offer telemedicine (phone consultations).

Many health plans now cover acupuncture and various natural therapies. If your insurance company provides coverage for our services, we will provide you with a super bill with the necessary procedure and diagnostic codes from your visit so that you can submit your claim for reimbursement. However, payment in full is due to us at the time of service. Medicare and medicaid are not covering acupuncture at this time.

Herbal medicine, supplements and other therapeutic support that we may recommend to you are not included in the cost of the office visit. We will create an individualized treatment plan for you to match your needs and finances – straightforward, convenient and affordable.

Please be prepared to pay for the amount of the visit in full at the time of your appointment. We accept cash, checks, credit cards and Health Savings Accounts. We do not accept returns for any medicines purchased at Trillium.

Life happens and sometimes people do need to cancel! Please make every effort to notify us by phone as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment. We kindly request that you give us 48 business hours notice so that we can offer your spot to another patient who is waiting. We ask that you take our time seriously just as we take yours – if you cancel less than 48 business hours before your visit we charge half of the cost of the visit the first time and the full cost the second time.