Things to know prior to your appointment


Your initial consultation will focus on getting a clear picture of what your current health ailments are, what your health goals are and devising an individualized treatment plan for you to help you achieve these health goals.

Initial consultations are 75-90 minutes and include:

  • One-on-one consultation and personalized care with Dr. Tighe
  • Review of your chief complaints and other ailments
  • In-depth conversation about organ systems and indicators of health such as energy, sleep, appetite, mood and menstruation (if applicable)
  • Reviewing nutrition, stress management, movement and community
  • Tongue and Pulse Physical Exam – a focused exam for Chinese Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Assessment of current supplements that you are already taking to determine the optimal combination for your treatment plan
  • An individualized treatment plan for you with action steps which may include nutritional recommendations and meal planning, herbal medicine, homeopathic prescription, hydrotherapy routines, Lifestyle modifications and mind-Body approaches to healing
  • Access to further work-up if needed including Functional medicine lab testing that may include hormone testing, mold and mycotoxin testing, food sensitivity testing and gut health
  • Options for follow-up care which may include one-on-one in-office or virtual telehealth consults, acupuncture treatments or return consults with acupuncture treatments included.
  • The investment for the initial consult is $350 and does not include product orders or lab fees.


Once we have met for the first consult and you have begun your preliminary treatment, we meet for follow-up visits to assess your progress and make changes to the plan or add additional steps, treatments or labs if needed.

Follow-up consultations are 45 minutes long and include:

  • One-on-one consult and personalized care with Dr. Tighe
  • Check in on your health issues and go over changes
  • Discuss any challenges or pitfalls
  • Review any lab results if applicable
  • Repeat tongue and pulse physical exams if needed
  • Revise treatment plan with changes or additional therapeutics if needed

The investment for the follow-up consultation is $175 and does not include product orders or lab fees.


When meeting for the follow-up consult with the goals found above, Dr. Tighe will sometimes add Acupuncture as a treatment modality when indicated. Time is allotted for both the return consult and the Acupuncture treatment.

  • Acupuncture treatments may be 1 or 2 sides
  • We may optionally use moxibustion, AKA “moxa”
  • Review of Chinese medicine Pulse and Tongue diagnosis with Chinese medicine diagnosis and point selection
  • Insertion of very fine, sterile and mostly painless needles with Dr. Tighe’s compassionate and gentle approach
  • Review of lab results if applicable and revision of treatment plan

The investment for a return consult with acupuncture is $250 and does not include product orders or lab fees.


Experience our new Healthy Wave 5-Therapy Infrared Red and PEMF Mat. This is a relaxation therapy that can be added to Acupuncture Treatments or requested after a consult. The Healthy Wave Mat is placed on a massage table in a private treatment room and has various treatment options depending on the health goal. The key therapies of the mat are far infrared heat, PEMF therapy (Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy), red light therapy, negative ions and natural crystals. PEMF at low frequencies mimics the earth’s magnetic field, which helps bring your own magnetic field back to its natural state. The far infrared heat can improve blood flow & micro circulation. It can also help temporarily relieve minor muscle, joint pain and stiffness. The therapies in the mat can help to improve the sense of wellbeing and relaxation among other health benefits.

The investment in the Healthy Wave Mat is $20 for 30 minutes and $30 for 45 minutes and is added to Consults with or without Acupuncture.


  • For a limited time, established patients who have been seen within the last year may purchase Acupuncture Packages. Please call the office to inquire. 412.571.9355.
  • Please arrive five minutes early for your appointment so that we can begin on time.
  • Please call the office if you are feeling ill to convert your office visit to telehealth or to reschedule you.
  • Dr. Tighe’s virtual waiting room for telehealth can be found at: and also at the bottom of this page.