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Trillium Natural Medicine is an integrative medical practice that brings together ancient and modern modalities and applies them according to the wisdom and spirit of Classical Chinese and Naturopathic Medicine. Because every patient is unique and health exists on many levels, our approach is individualized for each patient and addresses physical, mental and emotional balance. We believe in the importance of guiding and supporting each patient to develop a lifestyle that deeply nourishes his or her whole being. We integrate medicinal foods, nutritional support, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, functional medicine lab testing and mind-body approaches in the treatment of patients of all ages.

You are unique and deserve a health approach that leads you towards being your best self. Genuine healing occurs when a multi-pronged approach is developed based on your individual needs. This approach is much more powerful and long lasting than medicating symptoms and can empower you to be your own steward towards health.

We invite you to become a patient and embark on this path to LIVING YOUR MOST ABUNDANT, JOYFUL AND HEALTHY LIFE!

Dr. Maureen Tighe

Dr. Maureen Tighe ND, MSOM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Empowerment through knowledge is at the core of my practice. I am dedicated to guiding all of my patients to take a pro-active role in order to be their own stewards toward health and to live an abundant, balanced and joyful life.”

–Maureen Tighe ND, MSOM
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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