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Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

We have two Virtual Dispensaries that offer 10% off retail prices and free shipping on orders over $50. Create your online accounts below for easy ordering and refills. You can also call them. Fullscript (866) 807-3828 and Wellevate (855) 935-5382.

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If something is out of stock, check our office supply by emailing product orders to: orders@trilliumnatural.com. We will have the order ready for you at our pick-up station. Items that require refrigeration will be packed on ice.

Tools for Health Living

Intellipure Air Filters

The Intellipure 468 is the ideal air filter for home or office. Because it filters down to 0.07 microns in the air, it is filtering mold spores, mycotoxins, viruses and ultrafine particulate matter. Not only are they very quiet and sleek with their modern look, they purify the air in a noticeable way, which improves air quality and lowers the toxic burden on the body. My favorite feature is the electro-static filter. Unlike other air filters, it does not allow mold or bacteria to grow on it. Oh, and maintenance is a breeze!


Intellipure Air Filter


Q-Link®  products are performance equipment designed to optimize functions of the body to enable peak physical, mental and emotional capacity. When worn, Q-Link helps to balance and strengthen the body’s Biofield, which is a matrix of different energies that extend outward from each person’s body. A strong Biofield supports and nourishes the body and strengthens a person’s ability to cope with stress. Q-Link’s technology resonates with the Biofield, working like a series of master tuning forks to help clarify and tune the body’s natural life-supporting frequencies.


Healthy Wave Mats

Perhaps you have experienced our Healthy Wave Mat during an acupuncture treatment at Trillium and would like to purchase your own. The health benefits of the PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency), far infrared, photon light and negative ions can be experienced in your home or office as well. They come in various sizes and with adjustable settings for the treatment goal such as pain, detoxification, weight loss, general well-being, relaxation, sleep, sports injury/strain assist, regeneration or earth energies. Please inquire at our office for a suggestion with the many options available. We would be happy to assist you.