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Moor Mud: Clean With Mud

Are you looking for a way to detox from mold in a relaxing way, without adding another supplement?

Did you know that you can clean the inside of your body through your skin by covering yourself with mud?

It’s true. Your skin is your largest organ of detoxification. Even though the liver gets all the press, you can enhance your skin’s natural ability to move out toxins—with mud.

Not just any mud will do, so don’t go grabbing your shovel.

What makes this mud special is:

  • where it comes from
  • that it’s never been dried
  • how it’s shipped
  • its healing properties

Dr. Jill imports this special mud from the Czech Republic, a region known for their pristine peat bogs and long tradition of mud (also known as peloid) therapies.

By keeping this mud wet, it retains its active healing properties, utilizing enzymes and beneficial flora.

“The mud has been incredible for restoring my body.”

Moor mud from this region is known to draw out toxins and give back nourishment through the skin. In this way, it’s an invigorating detox tool, rather than a depleting one.

If you are sensitive to supplements, this mud is a nice alternative. If you’re extra sensitive, start by soaking just your feet. It’s also safe for kids.

By sitting in this muddy water or slathering it on your skin, you’ll shorten your healing time by getting rid of mold toxins.

Get muddy to get clean.

Start your MOOR MUD PELOID THERAPY by ordering today!