Mold & Mycotoxin Illness

Mold can be a hidden cause of illness in many people. When patients present with chronic, unrelenting ailments or disease that other practitioners have been unable to solve, mold-literate practitioners may suspect mold as a cause.

Mold is tricky. Some homes and buildings have an obvious damp or musty smell, but other more harmful types of molds go undetected by sight and smell. They can be hidden behind walls and required a skilled inspector to discover. Not everyone is affected the same way by mold, but some people have a genetic predisposition and have difficulty detoxing mycotoxins (toxins formed by mold) from their bodies Mycotoxins can adversely affect every organ in the body. Mold can affect each individual in different ways as well. So unfortunately, there is not a list of symptoms that clearly points to mold illness. Hence, mold is tricky!

Although it can be frightening to ponder or realize that mold is impacting your health, there are ways to detect it in bodies and homes that take the guesswork out of treating patients who are suffering. Working with a trained professional who understands the impacts of mold on the body requires a very intentional, specific and focused way to recover from mold and regain your health.

Dr. Tighe was fortunate to stumble across Dr. Jill Crista’s training course for practitioners and had a very deeply personal experience learning and understanding this type of illness because she herself was impacted by mold illness. Dr. Tighe is very grateful for Dr. Crista and other mold-literate physicians who not only are educating the public, but are also training doctors to identify, understand, diagnose and treat mold-related illness. It is surprisingly more common than one would think and can be a root cause in chronic, recalcitrant illness such as Lyme, PANDAS/PANS and autoimmune disease.

The good news is that you can conquer mold, regain your health and live fully. It requires dedication and perseverance. There are doctors who understand that this condition can be much more than an allergy. Very likely if you work with Dr. Tighe, she will be weaving questions into your first conversation with certain answers that would hint at mold as a cause. Dr. Tighe treats mold illness and aids her patients in recovering from mold illness in order to return to vibrant health and wellbeing.

Dr. Tighe’s follows Dr. Crista’s approach that uses peeling an orange as an anaology to ensure that the body is ready for each step of the process. We use Vibrant America for Mycotoxin testing when applicable. Dr. Tighe would be happy to help you regain your health if you suspect mold as a cause or have had this confirmed in the past but do not know where to turn.

Learn from mold expert Dr. Jill Crista how to Break the Mold

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