Mold & Mycotoxin Illness

Mold and the chemical gases that they produce, mycotoxins, can be a hidden cause of illness in people. When patients present with chronic, unrelenting ailments or diseases that other practitioners have been unable to solve, mold-literate practitioners may suspect mold as a cause.

Mold is tricky. Some homes and buildings have an obvious damp or musty smell, but other more harmful types of molds go undetected by sight and smell. They can be hidden behind walls, under refridgerators or in HVAC systems. Often a skilled Indoor Environmental Professional (IEP) is needed to discover the culprit. Not everyone is affected the same way by mold, but some people have a genetic predisposition and have more difficulty detoxing mycotoxins from their bodies. Other times, an individual can handle an unknown exposure to mold for years, and then some triggering event such as a major stressful life event or infection can  cause “the bucket to overflow”, thus, altering the immune system and then mold rears it’s ugly head and begins impacting one’s health. Similarly, one can tolerate many other layers of contributors to ill health until they meet mold. Mold can suppress the immune system and allows a reactivation of a viral condition that had previously been dormant. Mycotoxins can adversely affect every organ in the body. Mold can affect each individual in different ways as well. So unfortunately, mold is easy to miss and also rather tricky!

Although it can be frightening to realize that mold is impacting your health, there are ways to detect it in bodies and homes that take the guesswork out of treatment for those who are suffering. Working with a trained professional who understands the impacts of mold is key. It’s important to use a very intentional, specific and focused way to recover from mold and regain your health.

Dr. Tighe has studied under Dr. Jill Crista, who provides a training course for health practitioners titled, “Are You Missing Mold Illness In Your Patients?”.  She has expanded her training with other medical conferences and trainings on Mold and Mycotoxin and other environmentally acquired illness as well. She has helped many patients on their road to recovery and has found mold to be a key piece of the puzzle in complicated illness.

Fortunately, there are approaches to conquer mold, regain your health and live a vibrant life. It requires dedication and perseverance. Many doctors are realizing that mold is not just an allergy, but rather a disease of toxicity and therefore requires a targeted approach. We use Vibrant America and Great Plains Labs for mycotoxin testing when applicable. Dr. Tighe is passionate about helping people regain their health and moving on from mold illness.


Learn from mold expert Dr. Jill Crista how to Break the Mold

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