How to stay well when there is unhealthy food, too much booze and constant stress

how to stay healthy during the holidays

Staying healthy during the holidays can be tricky. Busier-than-normal schedules and long to-do lists fill up the month of December, leaving little time for sleep or exercise. Holiday parties and running errands lead to scarfing down quick meals out or over-indulging on cookies and seasonal treats. But, does health sabotage have to be an inevitable by-product of the holiday season? Definitely not. Below we discuss ways that you can keep yourself healthy during the hectic holiday season.

Have a pre-party snack. Fill up on healthy food before you go to a holiday party or get-together, so that when you do run into the cheese, bread and cookies at the buffet table, you won’t overindulge.

Follow the one plate rule. Commit to having one plate of food for each meal so that you don’t fill up on too many holiday treats.

Savor each bite and eat slowly. Appreciate the taste, smell and texture of each bite that you eat in order to avoid stress-induced mindless eating.

Allow yourself to enjoy one treat per day. Everyone has that one thing that they obsess over each holiday season. Maybe it’s a glass of Eggnog or maybe it’s your favorite cookie. Have that one thing and enjoy it.

Set an intention to enjoy family and friends. Take the focus away from the food and commit to spending quality time and enjoyment with friends and family.

When it comes to booze, make it one for one. Make sure if you are drinking alcoholic beverages, you have a glass of water between each one in order to keep your body hydrated.

Get your Zzzs. Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. Every hour before midnight counts as two hours in terms of quality. Knowing that there will be a lot of stress and overextending yourself this time of year, at least try to keep up on your sleep.

What do you do to stay healthy during the holidays? Share your tips in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Chadmagiera