Naturopathic Treatments for PCOSAs I mentioned in my last post on Signs and Symptoms of PCOS, there are several Naturopathic treatments that are highly beneficial to treat this common condition faced by many women. Before I get into the details about how I approach PCOS in my practice, there’s one important point that I want to emphasize:

There’s nothing in a bottle, supplement or medication that works as well for this condition as a whole foods nutrition and an exercise plan.

Supplements and medications can certainly help accelerate the healing process. Restoring the foundation of health through a whole foods diet and regular exercise regimen sets the stage for deeper healing to occur.

Nutritional Guidelines for PCOS Patients

So, let’s talk about nutrition first, since it is a critical component to reversing PCOS. Here are some basic nutritional recommendations that I give to women suffering from PCOS:

  • Eating too many grains and carbs (also common among vegetarians) is a common pitfall. It’s important to change your diet so that you are eating a lot of vegetables, healthy fats and protein. Avoiding refined carbs is imperative!
  • Include 1-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in your water before each meal. This will help lower glucose levels after your meal, which will help correct the insulin problem that underlies PCOS.

Another side note under nutrition: Beans for breakfast is a really good way to stabilize glucose levels for the rest of the day, which decreases the likelihood of having insulin resistance. Organic greens and beans or beans with organic eggs are an excellent choice.

Nutritional Supplements for PCOS

Simply changing your diet to a whole foods diet and getting more exercise wil lower insulin levels and change the LH to FSH ratio. In my practice, I’ve witnessed a reversal of PCOS based on changing diet and exercise in several cases. There are several supplements that people can combine with diet and exercise to reverse PCOS. Work with a qualified healthcare to practitioner to determine which supplements are best to treat your case. They certainly do not take the place of diet and exercise, but they do accelerate your body’s ability to return to hormonal balance.

Hirsutism in PCOS Patients

Unwanted hair growth in PCOS patients can be frustrating and heart wrenching for women. A lot of women are willing to spend large amounts of money on electrolysis and laser therapy to rid themselves of unwanted body hair, symptomatic of PCOS. If you are suffering from unwanted hair growth due to your PCOS, I recommend that you address the underlying androgen situation before pursuing permanent hair removal. If the androgens are not stabilized, laser hair removal or electrolysis will never catch up because the androgens will continue to stimulate more and more hair growth. Address the androgen situation Naturopathically and then pursue permanent hair removal in order to avoid a situation where you are taking one step forward and two steps back.

Stay tuned for our next post, where we’ll explore a real-life example of how PCOS was reversed in one of my patients.

Do you suffer from PCOS? Share your experience in the comments section below.