ThermographyFor those of you who would like to experience breast thermography for the first time or if you are in need of an annual thermogram, we are pleased to offer this service at our office on July 16th. HE@T (Health Enhancing Thermography) is a South Hills-based company that offers Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI). The scan is a 15-minute non-invasive test of our body’s physiology.  It is a valuable procedure for alerting your doctor to changes that can indicate early stage breast disease.  The benefit of DITI testing is that it offers the opportunity of earlier detection of breast disease than has been possible through breast self-examination, doctor examination or mammography alone.

DITI detects the subtle physiologic changes that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection or a vascular disease. Your doctor can then plan accordingly and lay out a careful program to further diagnose and/or monitor you during and after any treatment.

What to expect…

A brief medical history will be taken before partial disrobing for the scan.  This establishes a baseline of your thermal signature. Often a subsequent session three months later assures that the patterns remain unchanged.  With thermography, there is no pain, radiation or contact with the body.  The procedure is FDA approved and non-invasive. 

Who would benefit from this procedure?

All women can benefit from DITI breast screening. It is especially appropriate for younger women (ages 25-50) whose denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for mammography to be effective.  It is also for women of all ages who, for many reasons, are unable to undergo routine mammography.  This test can provide a ‘clinical marker’ to the doctor or mammographer that a specific area of the breast needs particularly close examination.

It takes years for a tumor to grow, thus the earliest possible indication of abnormality is needed to allow for the earliest possible treatment and intervention. DITI’s role in monitoring breast health is to help in early detection and monitoring of abnormal physiology. 

To schedule a thermography at Trillium Natural Medicine on July 16th, please call HE@T at 1-855-254-HEAT (4328).  They will be in charge of scheduling and they have their own fee schedule.  For more information about HE@T, go to