Privacy Policy

Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC refers to Dr. Maureen D. Tighe, her student preceptors and her contracted employees. This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed; and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully. We are legally obligated to provide this information to you. It is subject to change and updated versions are always available from Dr. Maureen D. Tighe.

Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC is the private medical practice of Dr. Maureen D. Tighe. The majority of the time Dr. Tighe is the only person with access to your medical information; however, there are a few instances in which she may share pertinent information about you for the purposes of treatment, payment or health care operations. She may disclose your health information to other health professionals, their staff or students who may consult on your treatment or the coordination of your health care.

Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC also uses and discloses your health information for billing and payment collection from you, an insurance company, or someone else for health care services you receive from us. We may also tell your insurance company about your proposed treatment to determine whether your plan will pay for the treatment.

We may use and disclose your health information in order to run the necessary administrative, educational, quality assurance, and business functions of Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC. Data about effectiveness of treatments and what services we should offer may be gathered from patient’s health information. We may also use and disclose your health information to contact you regarding treatment options, products or services and for appointment reminders.

Other potential instances in which your health information could be disclosed without your explicit permission include legal obligations at the federal, state or local level to disclose to specified parties for purposes including subpoenas/ court orders, public health risks, governmental agency oversight of health care, threats to health or safety, disaster relief, national security, for identification of deceased persons, or for the purpose of organ or tissue transplantation. Military command or government authority may acquire information about veterans or members of the military. Correctional institutions may acquire information about inmates for the purpose of providing health care and safety. Information about employees can be disclosed to employers regarding worker’s compensation type programs.

With some rare exceptions, you have the right to access and get a copy of any data regarding your health information from Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC. In the exceptional cases in which we are permitted to withhold information from you, you may ask that the denial be reviewed. You have the right to amend your health information. We will amend the information, except if it a) is not information that we created, (unless the source of the information is no longer available to make the amendment), b) is not part of the health information that we keep c) is of a type that you would not be permitted to inspect and copy; d) is already accurate and complete.

Dr. Tighe and all associates of Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC seek to maintain confidentiality regarding your health information. We are happy to discuss your concerns about these matters and consider further restricting use and disclosure of your health information.