Naturopathic Treatments for Seasonal Allergies

I used to have terrible seasonal allergies. When I attended medical school in Portland, I often biked to class. I remember one particular spring day when I sneezed 27 times while crossing the Hawthorne Bridge! I also remember how exhausting it is to be an allergy sufferer. Your eyes and ears are itchy, you just [...]

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How to Cope with Seasonal Allergies

It’s finally springtime in Pittsburgh! As we welcome sunshine and warmer temperatures, we also say hello to the time of year that many people dread – allergy season. Seasonal allergies are a common complaint among my patients. Local news is reporting that allergy season is going to be worse this year than past years. It’s [...]

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Is Dairy Bad For You? You Might Be Surprised

We’ve grown up with ads on television, championing the dairy industry. We’re encouraged to sport a milk mustache in order to stay healthy, strong and beautiful. Dairy is positioned as a critical component to a healthy diet, but is that actually the case? Do we need dairy or can we live a healthier life without? [...]

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