About Dr. Maureen Tighe

Dr. Maureen Tighe

Photography by Carmon Rinehart

As a graduate of National University of Natural Medicine’s 6-year, dual degree Doctorate in Naturopathic medicine and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, Dr. Tighe focuses on nutrition, biochemistry, herbal medicine, energetic modalities, hydrotherapy and mind-body practices in order to assist individuals to not only overcome ailments and disease, but also to restore normal physiological function in the body to achieve optimal energy, mood, sleep, hormonal balance, stress response and resilience to infectious disease while preventing chronic disease such as cancer, autoimmune or neurological disease. Dr. Tighe has over 15 years of private practice and founded Trillium Natural Medicine in 2005.

Her philosophy centers around empowering people through knowledge to take a proactive approach to their health and guide them compassionately to be their own steward towards optimal health through the use of natural therapeutics and healthy living. In addition to being a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, Dr. Tighe practices Functional medicine and utilizes evidence-based modern science and specialty labs to uncover root causes of illness. Dr. Tighe sees each person as a unique individual and customizes their care. She loves to laugh with patients, help them feel at ease and regain their sense of living fully while having a compassionate practitioner alongside them on this nourishing journey to health and resiliency.

• Autoimmune disease
• Digestive health (Gastrointestinal disease)
• Fertility, Infertility and Pregnancy health
• Endocrine Health (Hormonal balance) – adrenal, thyroid, HPA axis, male and female hormones
• Mold and Mycotoxin Illness, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

• Chronic Disease
• Lifestyle counseling for clean living and disease prevention

My goal is to move you up the spectrum of health towards your most healthy, vibrant potential and allow you more freedom to be your best self and live an abundant life.

Functional Medicine Training
Naturopathic medicine is the original inspiration behind Functional medicine and thankfully it has made natural therapeutics more accessible to people. The work of Dr. Datis Kharrazian was the beginning of Dr. Tighe’s study in Functional medicine by completing his training in Thyroid and Autoimmune disorders in 2011. Dr. Tighe has also completed training in Functional blood chemistry and utilizes many functional medicine specialty labs to take the guesswork out of individual clients’ cases to advance their care.

Environmental Medicine Training
Dr. Tighe began her postgraduate Environmental Medicine training by attending the Environmental Health Symposiums, originally founded by the late Dr. Walter Crinnion, ND in 2013. This led Dr. Tighe to complete Dr. Jill Crista, ND’s mold certification course for doctors and now mentors with Dr. Crista and uncovers mold-related illness as an underlying cause in many patient’s complex history of illness. Dr. Jill Crista is an author, educator and Naturopathic doctor who is passionate about raising medical literacy on mycotoxin and mold-related illness and Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).

Medical Outreach to Haiti

Dr. Tighe continues one of her passions, which is medical outreach to developing countries. For her personal story of helping those in need in Haiti after the earthquake in 2010, click here.

Professional Highlights

  • Vermont licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor
  • Pennsylvania State Licensed Oriental Medicine Practitioner
  • Alumna of the National University of Natural Medicine’s 6-year dual degree combining a Doctorate of Naturopathic medicine and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine, 2005
  • Founder of Trillium Natural Medicine, LLC, 2005
  • Graduate of Dr. Jill Crista’s Mold Certification Course for Medical Practitioners
  • Member of PANP Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Member of OANP American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Member of PedANP Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians
  • Member of Association for Professional Acupuncture in Pennsylvania
  • Adjunct Faculty at Chatham University’s Integrative Health Studies program
  • Participant in External Medical Rotation to China with Heiner Freuhauf, Ph.D. and Dr. Lihui Liu studying Qi gong and ancient Taoist and Buddhist texts
  • Participant in external Naturopathic medical rotation in Nicaragua
  • Medical internship at An Hao Clinic in Portland, Oregon with Dr. Edie Vickers, ND, Lac.
  • Alumna of Pennsylvania State University, 1995
  • Loving mother of two beautiful children and also blessed with two wonderful children through her marriage