Naturopathic Child Care

Dr. Tighe is a naturopathic and Chinese medicine doctor who has worked with children dealing with many different types of health concerns. From chronic skin conditions, such as eczema or baby acne, to gastrointestinal ailments like constipation or reflux, and from learning disorders to neurological ailments to menstrual irregularities, Dr. Tighe can provide safe and effective, evidence-based treatment options to support the health of your child.

Through extensive, clinical experience, Dr. Tighe has found that kids do well when they can participate in the understanding of why certain diet and lifestyle choices help their bodies attain a greater level of health. She likes to put things in simple terms for them, while they are listening with their parents, and help them be empowered to make choices that enable them to feel their best and recover. In this way, they understand the importance of the treatment and can participate in the road to recovery and feeling their most optimum. Sometimes parents are surprised a bit that a little creative explanation can go a long way and the child wants to take control of their health issues as well.

Most every treatment plan for a child begins with a nutrition plan. A healthy digestive system and microbiome lays the foundation for a healthy body and mind. Children respond well to natural therapeutics and the focus of most plans is to support the healthy development of organ systems. Often this can be done with minimal supplementation, and sometimes functional lab testing is key in identifying hidden causes of illness. Although effort must be made on the part of the parents and child, children in general respond very quickly to natural therapeutics and can have dramatic results in a few weeks to months.

Naturopathic Medical Principles

A philosophically based standard of care:

  • First, Do No Harm
  • Identify and Treat the Cause
  • Remove Obstacles to Cure
  • The Healing Power of Nature
  • Doctor as Teacher
  • Treat the Whole Person