Why You Should Adopt Green Cleaning Practices

This is a guest post by Rachel Breit, who will be holding a workshop on green cleaning at Trillium Natural Medicine. Read on to learn more about green cleaning and see below for event details. A lot of people I talk to think green cleaning is a fad - a way to sell people overpriced [...]

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Why is Gluten Bad? We explain

Gluten has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years. Gluten-free foods have taken up residence in the aisles of nearly every grocery store and gluten-free bakeries and pizza joints are popping up all over Southwestern Pennsylvania. So, what’s with the hype surrounding gluten? Why is gluten bad? Should we leave all of [...]

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Hashimoto’s and Graves’ Disease Treatment: A Unique Approach

Recently, we discussed how an underlying autoimmune component is often overlooked with thyroid disease. If an autoimmune tendency is at play, there are several solutions that you can pursue in order to balance the immune system and treat the thyroid. In the case of a thyroid disease with an underlying autoimmune component, such as Graves’ [...]

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