Bee Westwood, MScN

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Starr Westwood (but please, call me by my nickname, Bee!), and I am a nutritionist at Trillium Natural Medicine. I hold a Master’s of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine, based in Portland, Oregon, and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Philosophy & Religion from Bangor University, based in North Wales, UK.

I am originally from upstate NY, where my passion for exploring all things food began. My call into the nutrition world started with my own body’s disharmony as a teenager. I knew something wasn’t right; which propelled me in the direction of nutrition research, diet experimentation, and lifestyle adjustments. Through years of modifying my life and habits around food and wellness, and with the help of other nutritionists and herbalists, I began to feel alive for the first time. My dynamic healing journey from SIBO, disordered eating, anxiousness, hormone imbalance, hypochlorhydria, brain fog, and chronic fatigue is why I’m so passionate to be the catalyst in people’s lives towards vitality, confidence, balance, and joy!

Although I struggled physically, I still honored my love for travel, and am absolutely blessed to have called N. Wales a home for 3 years. Venturing to other European countries while abroad, (Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, France, and more) expanded my view around tradition, food, culture, and connectivity around the table. Later, moving back to America, I pursued my formal education in Nutrition (with an internship in organic and sustainable food systems) so that I could properly serve anyone in need of physical healing and/or nutrition education.

Currently, I am working part-time at an organic farm to learn all there is to know about growing organic fruits and vegetables, regenerative farming, chicken processing, and more. I am passionate about great food and drink, and have served at amazing restaurants and café’s to be closer to all that is delicious! On my spare time, I work on art commissions (original drawings, greeting cards, and more!), read (both for education and for leisure), and experiment in the kitchen with all the local goods I can find!

My services as a nutritional counselor include performing a comprehensive analysis of your current diet and lifestyle, taking a look into your family and medical history, and, collaboratively, exploring your relationship with food. I work primarily with clients who struggle in digestive health; which could be caused by food sensitivities/intolerances, resulting in low-energy, brain fog, weight gain, and more! Together, we will work to heal your gut and optimize your digestive health, to bring overall balance and vitality. My work entails strategizing a personalized dietary plan with lifestyle interventions, educating clients on how to navigate food products and recipes that are in alignment with their healing needs, and, of course, being available for ongoing support. I am excited to meet you and be a part of your healing journey!

Bee Westwood, MScN