Reiki: Healing on a Deeper Level

The modality of Reiki is a gentle, hands on technique used for balancing the body’s energetic field and thereby healing the mind and body. The practice of Reiki has been shared for over 1000 years. In recent years, it has gained in popularity and has been integrated into many mainstream facilities. Many hospitals such as the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and the Children’s Hospital in Boston, now have Reiki attuned nurses to help patients before and after surgery.

Benefits of Reiki Include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Inner peace and harmony
  • Helps reduce physical pain
  • Increases sense of overall well-being
  • Increases energy levels
  • Helps with stress and anxiety reduction
  • Helps increase self-awareness and clarity
  • Pre and post operation assistance
  • Promotion of restful sleep
  • Rebalances chakras
  • Grief support

Reiki services are offered by Steph Schuler.

Crystals in palm of hands, Reiki