Hello all,

What a week it has been! COVID-19 has officially been named a pandemic and this brings a lot of uncertainty, fear, stress and change upon us. First, I am sending a virtual hug to all of you during this turbulent time.

Because many of my patients are immune-compromised, the safest option is to temporarily stop seeing patients face-to-face for acupuncture. The risk is too high of spreading COVID-19 and a part of my oath as a doctor is First Do No Harm. An individual’s symptoms may not become apparent for several days after they have a virus while others will be asymptomatic throughout the course (having no symptoms at all, but carrying the disease). Both scenarios allow COVID-19 to spread. Therefore, I will be doing phone consults ONLY starting this week until further notice. This has been a great and convenient option in my practice for years and soon we will step it up to video consults. Please call the office to schedule or use our online scheduler. And do take it to heart to practice social distancing yourselves. Sometimes we fall in to mental traps that we are somehow the exception to the rule, and we can still be out and about because we are sure we don’t have COVID-19. But in order to squash this pandemic and “flatten the curve,” let’s all do our part. Stay in and be safe. Get outside and move your body, but keep the distance from others. Send virtual hugs, unless it’s a tree! Trees are safe to hug!

Now, let’s all stay healthy and strong. What can we do? I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about hand washing, covering sneezes and not touching faces. But let’s go back to the teachings of Naturopathic medicine. Treat the terrain. What does that mean? It means making your body less healthy for pathogens to thrive! We can refer to pathogens as “bugs,” but they are really bacteria, viruses and fungi. Louis Pasteur discovered the microbe (bug) and developed the concept of germ theory, that the bug causes the disease. But later, a very Naturopathic viewpoint emerged by Antoine Bechamp, that it’s the terrain, the health of our bodies, not the bug, that matters because why wouldn’t everyone get sick if it was just the bug? Because we know that a healthy body will make it inhospitable for a bug to thrive! So this is why we need to support our immune systems with herbs, nutrients and healthy meals, get sleep, breath fresh air, move our bodies, laugh, be silly and have loving relationships. If you would like my recommendations, please email me at mtighe@trilliumnatural.com. I will send you my go to my “immune boosting support” protocol through my virtual dispensary. You can also schedule a phone consult to go over your individual susceptibility and I will devise a treatment plan specifically for you or a loved one. I am here to support you.

Stay tuned for more updates, tips and upcoming changes. Do your best to refrain from too much mass media, and refer to the CDC website for accurate information.

Know that I am sending you all warm hugs and and love,

Dr. Maureen